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Rh Negative Hearing Loss

ALBINISM: AMBLYOPIA: AMNIOCENTESIS: ANOMALY: APHASIA: APRAXIARH INCOMPATIBILITY: A blood condition in which the fetus has Rh-positive blood and the mothers has Rh–negative blood leading to a build-up of antibodies that attack the fetus. SENSORINEURAL HEARING LOSS: A hearing disorder resulting from damage or dysfunction of the cochlea. … Fetch Doc List Of NQF-Endorsed Perinatal And… Read More »

Sensorineural Hearing Loss Emedicine

Recent Advances In The Prevention And Treatment Of Congenital …Others, such as sensorineural hearing loss (either bilateral or unilateral), are more likely to be due to viral infection and inflammatory effects on the fetus. The evidence for this is that hearing at birth may be normal, but … Retrieve Document Aicardi SyndromeMild to moderate bilateral… Read More »

Rinne Test Conductive Hearing Loss

Testing Hearing – Ask Doctor Clarke – Medical Education …In conductive hearing loss– the sound is lateralised to the affected ear. This may be because the nerve becomes more sensitive to sound So in a conductive deafness, the Rinne test will be negative and the Weber test will localise … Read Here Ear Examination –… Read More »